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LG "Cookie" KP 500 Tutorials

Friday, 2022-08-19, 8:32 PM
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Unlocking your cookie


Although we are not modifying the firmware of the phone in ANY way, your warranty will most likely be void after you unlock your phone, so do it at your own risk.

This won't take long, so no worries :)

What will we need:

-USB Cable

-Read how to download/upload CUST_THEME file here

Before we start make sure you have KP500.flb file in your C:\ directory,that you have installed infineon USB drivers and have a copy of Lgutils.

Now that we have all the files, let's start.

Open Lgutils,press O and then [enter]:

Type in "\\.\USB1" and press [enter]:

Type in "C:\KP500.flb" and press [enter]:

IMPORTANT: before you connect your phone to PC take out battery,SIM and memory-card.

Type in "STATIC_EEP", press [enter] and quickly connect your phone to USB cable:

If you done everything correctly you should see following:

After you see this message,it is safe to unplug your phone:

Don't close Lgutils yet.

press P and then [enter]:

Type in "STATIC_EEP" and press [enter]:

Now you should see either "phone locked" or "phone unlocked" (for some reason when my phone was locked to my network it showed "phone unlocked" and "phone locked" when I unlocked it,don't worry about that part).What we need is Unlock Number that is written bellow. You can just leave Lgutils open or write it down somewhere.

Now turn your phone back on (with your original SIM card). Go to Dialing screen and type in this code: 2945#*71001#

Press "Unlock USIM"

Press "Network Lock"

Type in the Unlock Number that you got from Lgutils. If you did everything correctly your phone should restart and it will be unlocked. That's it :)

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2 Insurancewhisper.com   [Entry]
Some really excellent info , Gladiola I found this. It is the customary fate of new truths to begin as heresies and to end as superstitions. by Aldous Huxley.

1 Suba43   [Entry]
Thanks man! You save my 10€ to fix phone :D

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